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Normally approx 7 days notice but we can try doing with shorter notice 

By card or bank transfer every 4 weeks. Invoice payable in advance. Set up of debit preferred.

Yes. There is free parking

cheshire storage
cheshire storage


Goods are stored in clean dry unit indoors

Goods do not get damp

We offer protective materials for your furniture and possessions.

We offer boxes for sale.

We offer collection and delivery at extra cost.

No. This is not permitted.

Yes. The unit is your space to use as you like. You are welcome to move things in and take things out as often as you like, within our opening hours.


Cost Estimation

The fundamental way to calculate the volume price involves multiplying the dimensions of length, width, and height. The specific labels given to each side are not crucial; what matters is that you multiply all three dimensions together.

No. How much insurance you take out and therefore how much that costs will depend on the true replacement value of what you store. As we don’t know this at the time you get your quote it would be impossible for us to include it in the price at that stage.

If your company is VAT registered you can claim the VAT back. For more information please contact HMRC.

cheshire storage